Eureka! New Site Blog Launch

Welcome to the launch of the new and improved SATCECH website and my first blog post. My name is George Usi and I am so excited to explore how we can improve your entire organization’s cyber security posture using cyber compliance enforcement methods, written policy maintenance, and compliance solutions designed with governance and simplicity so you can be prepared for when digital deviants succeed.

With the new cyber security framework v1.1 draft from NIST headed to formal publication, we urge you to visit the NIST Cyber Security Framework Page to learn more about this new guideline that we believe will be the future standard of US based cyber compliance.

Long gone are the days of wondering “if” a cyber attack happens and “if” a compromise will be successful. We now live in a world where those attacks have shifted to a discussion of “when” with an expectation that attacks will be continuous as artificial intelligence and attack vectors expand due to automation and machine learning advancements. We believe cyber security regulations coupled with more frequent compromise outcomes have introduced a measurable risk position and that proper governance and compliance enforcement offer the best return that will prepare your entire company and workforce for “when” a compromise happens in your business (let’s face it, there are likely a high number of security events that are neglected or assumed as “resolved” that will likely result in your next compromise; just ask the folks at Sonic and Whole Foods).

Moroever, we have been delivering cyber security services to our Clients for many years here at SACTECH and are lucky enough to have enjoy the unique privilege of being involved with traditional brick and mortar companies throughout our market here in the State of California.

Our organization focuses intently on traditional businesses and public sector organizations operating in California and we are regularly impressed by our clients’ engineers and technicians who are responsible for keeping your businesses safe in this fast moving Internet Delivered world in spite of the budget cuts and cost reduction initiatives that make their IT jobs considerably more difficult.  The goal for this blog will be to serve them and I will do this by communicating unique methods, acquisition strategies, calculators, security policies, and strategies that will help simplify their jobs and spread around the cyber security accountability risk throughout the rest of their organization so they can operate more efficiently and effectively as a security first responder without having to worry about whether they are using the right approach, standard, guideline or if their actions align with executive expectation or perception.