What We Do

SACTECH helps your organization on-board, maintain and enforce the NIST Cyber Security Framework so you can reduce the risk of cyber security incidents and meet the cyber compliance demands surrounding Privacy Information and other Critical Data.

George Usi founded SACTECH in 2003 together with John Riley around the time his late wife, Sherie, was diagnosed with breast cancer. Upon applying for Social Security Disability status on her behalf, George recognized how casually Sherie’s Personally Identifiable Information (PII) was shared electronically between doctors, the grocery store’s pharmacy, and many other business entities. When his wife passed from her disease in 2009, he was shocked to learn that casual sharing of privacy information was still a problem when he began closing out Sherie’s medical records, Credit Agency profiles, and credit cards. Worse yet, a fellow widower had his late wife’s information and identity stolen through intercepted emails just five days after she passed.

After attending some cyber security seminars and listening to how businesses were struggling with security incidents, George realized that the industry was lacking a standard for cyber security and SACTECH’s mission to help businesses with privacy information ramp up and maintain operationally exceptional information security frameworks began.

To voraciously protect privacy data by improving the cyber security posture of businesses who handle it. We do this using the new US Cyber Security Framework standard know as NIST CSF so businesses can reduce the risk of exposing privacy information and other critical data.

We service PII and PHI sensitive companies with supply-chain minded operations in food, agriculture, construction, healthcare service, and manufacturing industries where consumer or personal information protection should be a priority. We provide multiple levels of service and solutions that overlay additional regulatory and non-regulatory cyber-compliance exposures using NIST CSF publications so those business can enforce their information security posture while keeping PII data continuously secure and maintain the “Alphabet Soup” of regulatory cyber compliance (ie: PCI, HIPAA, etc). We also have a public sector small business certified (CA SB #0035606) focused on the State of California, education and regional public sector.

SACTECH donates thousands of dollars annually to multiple charities focused on Women’s Health and Breast Cancer Research with the hope that no family should ever have to fight Sherie’s battle. The American Cancer Society and the Susan G Komen foundation are two of the charities in our community that we support. Please contact us if you know of any other charities that help families fighting this horrible disease. Join our team to help us Make Strides for a Cure.


Headquartered in Gold River, California in an industrial zone with a cyber security lab designed to test partner solutions against NIST CSF controls, we operate discreetly through distributed cloud instances with SOC 2 certification and communication platforms housed in distributed architectures with dual stack IPv4 and IPv6 protocols.

Human resources are recruited from specialty areas of cyber security and networking with an emphasis on talent with operational excellence in ITIL and NIST frameworks in the Industry we serve.

Most security consultants working for SACTECH are hand-picked by our executive team. See our Jobs Page for opportunities to join our team.


CEO – George Usi

George holds a bachelor’s degree in Strategic Management from California State University Sacramento.  In addition to his role as CEO, he Co-Chairs the California IPv6 Task Force, also headquartered in Gold River, with supporting operations in the Bay Area.  George also funds and invests in AI and Digital Emotions technology startup companies based in California.

George’s career began in the 1990s with Verio/NTT where he held multiple technical and managerial positions in security and networking during the company’s rocket-growth phase.  In early 2000, he was placed by Venture Capital Firm Digital Ventures to found and lead Development for award-winning solution provider Fusionstorm.

George founded SACTECH together with John Riley around the time his late wife was diagnosed with breast cancer.  In managing her care, he recognized how casually businesses processed and managed personally identifiable information when a fellow widower had his late wife’s privacy data compromised.  George set a goal to help improve corporate security posture so businesses can more effectively protect critical privacy and other sensitive data from cyber threats.

George’s family began the American Dream in 1910 working in the steel industry back east.  He grew up in Sunnyvale and Pollock Pines, CA graduating from El Dorado High School and Cosumnes River College prior to attending CSUS.  George heavily advocates Breast Cancer Awareness and Women’s Health and is a Level II apprentice blacksmith.


COO – John Riley

John has more than 25 years experience operating, securing, ,and managing global businesses.

A systems engineer by trade, John began his career as a Senior Apple Certified Technician in 1990. Shortly thereafter, John attended the University of California Davis executive education and coursework program to study operations and security while working for Objective Systems Integrators.

In late 2000, John was recruited by Fusionstorm as a Vice President of Information Technology.

John has acquired, sold, and owns a number of businesses in multiple industries.  He is a native of Placerville, CA and graduated from El Dorado High School.