What We Do

We knit cybersecurity to cyber compliance.

Sactech was founded to help businesses securely embrace technology anywhere.

Shortly after starting the company, disaster struck when George’s wife, Sherie, was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Years later, Sherie lost her battle and George realized that throughout his caregiving experience that poor handling of sensitive information was a major problem for companies grappling with aged infrastructure and exhausted technology workers unsupported by executives who misunderstood the cyber risks facing them. Focusing on this problem, Sactech pivoted.

Success and growth followed immediately by focusing on the security needs of traditional California brick and mortar businesses who faced complex supply chain and logistic challenges throughout California.

The vision for Sactech changed to focus intimately on cloud-focused security and networking solutions that help keep privacy data sacred.

Our mission is to protect privacy data for businesses with complex supply chain and business relationships.

We help your business engage technology, security, and applications with a utility mindset so you can thrive in an Internet Delivered World

We have a cool platform that matches security compliance requirements, leading solutions, and capable service providers to supply-chain minded operators in food, agriculture, construction, membership, higher education, healthcare, and manufacturing industries where privacy data handling is shared by multiple businesses.

Sactech donates half of our after-tax profits to charities in our community that focus on women’s health. Please contact us if you know of any other charities that help families fighting this horrible disease. You can also help us Make Strides for a Cure to help advocate cancer research, help cancer survivors, and memorialize breast cancer victims like George’s wife Sherie.


Headquartered in Sacramento, California we are a community focused business with Latino roots and a passion for keeping privacy data sacred.

Professionals are recruited from specialty areas of cyber security with an emphasis on talent with networking and data privacy excellence in ITIL and NIST frameworks.

All solutions are hand-picked by our executive team to support the technology workers who have struggled so long with resource limitations.



George Usi holds a bachelor’s degree in Strategic Management from California State University Sacramento and a certificate in Scaling Up Excellence from Stanford University’s Executive Education program.



John Riley has more than 25 years experience operating, securing, ,and managing global businesses.