Sactech Merges Resale Unit with Cadence Team


First, I am hopeful that you, your family, and colleagues are healthy and doing well during this unprecedented time.  As the entire world adapts to an unthinkable situation, my heart aches for those who are grappling to care for and protect loved ones at risk.


In spite of the situation we are all grappling with at home, today marks a momentous day in our Sactech (Sacramento Technology Group LLC) journey. I’m pleased to announce that we have entered into a definitive agreement to merge the resale division of Sactech with Cadence Team, a small certified business based in the Sacramento area.  We believe this decision is a good one as your choices for technology solutions will improve and the responsiveness you expect will exceed your expectations.


I’d like to personally thank you for your support, hard work, and loyalty as one of our valued customers. Whether you’ve been working with Sactech for a few months or have been with us since the beginning, your commitment, and your success, have led us all to this tremendous opportunity.


This is a change for our organization and yours, and we know that our success is only possible by helping you, our customers.  Our goal has always been to help you achieve your own success in selecting secure and reliable technology solutions that help you transform, connect, and secure your business. So, what will this merger deliver to you?


  • Our union will pair Sactech’s comprehensive solutions and partnerships, with Cadence Team creating a local solution provider footprint with a small certified business community footprint throughout Northern California and the Bay Area.
  • Capable and responsive representation of leading solutions including options for you to purchase Juniper Networking, Aruba Clearpass, Pulse Secure VPNs, and many other solutions for both enterprise and small businesses.
  • Sactech will shift to a services only model offering cloud services, software development, and Juniper professional services with ongoing support of your account by Cadence team and Sactech through the year 2022;


By tapping the strengths and leading capabilities of our businesses and partners, the combined organization, led by Cadence Team owners Jeremy Caudill and Matt Glaze, will enable you to overcome your most pressing scalability, technology, and operational challenges. Together, we will transform the industry, drive innovation, and improve customer service through a more powerful solution set to meet your needs. As always, we will continue to promote the power of choice. With dozens of strategic partners and an open-ecosystem that can support you at any stage of growth, we hope to offer an ideal fit that works for you.


What Does This Mean for You as a Customer?


Whether you’re purchasing Juniper, Pulse Secure, or Aruba solutions today, there’s a lot to get excited about: access to new products and services, enhanced integrations, unified support, and new programs and initiatives designed to maximize your success and user experience.


At the moment, however, nothing much should change for you as a customer this month. Our teams are currently working on transitioning your accounts to Cadence Team in April so we can bring our solutions, staff, and technology systems together and develop our plans to operate our resale unit as a Cadence Team company.


We will be requesting and setting virtual introductory calls with Cadence Team for accounts that have purchased from Sactech in 2017, 2018, and 2019. 


What are the Next Steps?


The new normal of working from home in these unusual times, has us caring for and protecting our loved ones while figuring out how to deal with work.  Family is everyone’s priority and we expect that it is yours too. So, in the month of April, we will be trying to reach you live via telephone to say thank you, provide information about the merger, and attempt to set a future appointment at your convenience for May, or earlier if it suits you. It’s okay if you do not answer our calls.  We will call one time per week and will leave you a message on our third attempt so you can get back to us at your convenience.  Thereafter, we are going to leave it up to each of you to reach out and connect with us if you have a need or want to understand more about what this merger means for your account.


We will also focus on making sure our systems, databases, renewals, your ordering history, partner communications, and distributors can be ready in May and beyond in anticipation of the potential return to work post Shelter in Place. 


Once we reach early May, Cadence team will send out another message to those we were unable to reach so they can check in and explore setting introductory appointments as is convenient and reasonable for you.  


Expect the first call attempt from a Sactech rep this week to discuss the transition and next steps to introduce the Cadence Team executives and account teams. Our goal for your first meeting with Cadence Team will be to discuss your needs moving forward, perform an account review, discuss on-going renewals, and align with your goals and budgets.  However, we encourage you to reach out to any of us at 916.484.1111 if you have questions or have an urgent need today.


For public sector and eRate customers utilizing leveraged procurement vehicles such as CMAS or Form 470/471 in RFP process or with Form 470/471 filings already in progress, Sactech and Cadence Team will be in touch with each procurement contact this quarter to assist with transition and Sactech will be able to honor any open quotes as our partner based allows.


Our total commitment and focus remain on you, your business goals, your desired outcomes, and satisfying you and the customers you support.


I’d like to personally thank you for your continued support and loyalty over the tremendous years of growth and success we have achieved together. I hope you are as excited as we are about this business unit merger as we enthusiastically embark on this new chapter and path forward for our partner community.


Our shared success, driven by your growth and grit to contribute to the progress of IT, has led us to this important and pivotal moment. Additional details will be shared with you as they become available.


Please Check out our Sactech Frequently Asked Questions blog post for updates and more information about the merger as we field your questions daily.


With gratitude, to your health, and to continued success,


George Usi, CEO Sactech


About Sactech

Founded in 2003 as Security Assurance & Compliance Technologies Professional Services Firm under the business name “Sacramento Technology Group”, we established a beachhead of private and public sector Clients in the Northern California area in need of security audits, technology solutions, professional services, and managed IT services with overall aggregate revenues in excess of $30 million.

In 2014, CEO George Usi recognized the ongoing commoditization of the VAR market and ideated the need for security compliance services.  He designed a National Institute of Standards & Technology Cyber Security Framework (NIST CSF) compliance service practice that applied open guidelines in cyber security, risk, and privacy.  Development of wireframes for the Omnistruct cyber security program SaaS model started by early 2015.

By 2016, CFO, John Riley initiated Sactech’s first pivot towards a more focused information security practice with the sale of the Sactech managed IT service division assets to Group One based in Folsom.

By June of 2016, the first proof-of-concept compliance client, AttainIt, was earned for a set of inaugural cyber compliance services.

In 2019, the compliance services division assets and customers were rolled into a new entity, Omnistruct Inc, and the final pivot for Sactech to software development of SaaS platforms and cloud services agent.

On March 31, 2020, the merger of Sactech’s resale division was formed with Cadence Team allowing Sactech to focus on our pivot.

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Cadence Team is a premier technology solutions provider based in the Sacramento area specializing in networking and security solutions.

See our Frequently Asked Questions Blog post for more information about the merger.