Tactical Security For Every "Thing"

Compromise seems to be more a matter of "when" rather then "if" these days. Hackers are automating their attacks and becoming more agile and sophisticated every day. Add to this the regulatory requirements and costs to invest endlessly in security tools that promise to keep you safe, a new weighted approach is needed to evaluate the return on all of the spending.

Sactech offerse a fresh approach to information security with a business-tactical maintenance model to balance business risk with investments. With our unique platform of subscription and maintenance services coupled with partner solutions in firewall, compute, network, and cloud we will help you reduce information security spending.

It all starts with an Assessment...

Information Security Program Plan & Assessment

•  Comprehensive Security Assessment

•  Written Information Security Policy

•  Artifacts and Incident Collection Plan

•  Risk Review, Work Plan, and Charter

•  Cyber Insurance Analysis

•  Compliance Binder & Executive Ramp

•  Information Security Remediation Hot List

Case Study:Sactech provided a comprehensive information security program plan & assessment for an organization struggling to prove their information security fortitude at both a customer and compliance level. A recent audit and inadequate cyberinsurance claim for a Personally Identifiable Information (PII) Compliance violation in California was freshly in their minds. After a fast-track six-week engagement, our Client reduced their information security tools footprint, has a full written information security policy maintained by Sactech, and can reference artifacts, evidence, and their plan of compliance and countermeasure investments that their customers and auditors can reference.


Partner Solutions

Firewalls Case Study:Sactech assisted one client who had a need to segregate their internal network due to engineering requirements that lead to constant virus outbreaks. Architecting a solution using Fortinet firewalls, Sactech was able to eliminate the nearly day-to-day outages and solve the client's problem.

EndPoint Security & Encryption Case Study:One client came to Sactech complaining of performance issues that their users were experiencing due to a legacy endpoint security product. By migrating our client's endpoint security to Sophos they experienced a dramatic increase in system performance for their development and engineering systems.

Network Access Control Case Study:A county in California wanted to have visibiility, control, and health checks for wireless and wired devices as devices and remote users connected to their network. Sactech rolled out an access control and SSL VPN solution with multi-factor authentication along with a written acceptable use policiy for their Human Resource handbooks. The solution was implemented saving them time and money supporting remote users while preventing malicious devices and compromised workstations from connecting to their network.