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Challenges Securing Every "Thing"

Cyber crime and cyber warfare are part of our technological reality, growing more complex and sophisticated every day. Corporations and government entities are hard pressed to keep atop the constantly evolving battlefield despite having robust formal information security programs and mitigation tools in place. Add to this the regulatory requirements and justifying the costs to keep one step ahead of the criminals, security is one big parasite on profits. Sactech has partnered with the top security solutions companies and has a long history of helping clients manage their information security programs and threat mitigation strategies. Sactech has next generation security strategies and formal security programs for organizations faced with regulatory compliance.

Information Security Program

The information security industry has exited its infancy and grown some sharp teeth that will clamp down on your wallet if an incident wreaks havoc on you or your customers. Sactech offers a comprehensive Information Security Program that will evaluate your network risks, refresh your security posture, and provide auditors with proactive artifacts and information security policy that show your NIST or ISO compliance. If you are serious about information security and cyber attacks, this punch list of compliance will act as your mouthgard against a security compromise.

Case Study:Sactech provided a comprehensive information security program to an organization struggling with DFARS and NIST requirements in their supply chain compliance. After an enduring four month engagement, AttainIt now has a full security policy and chartered punch list of countermeasure investments that their customers and suppliers can reference for their compliance mandates.

Next Generation Firewalls

The evolution of having multiple security products and vendors for securing your perimeter has evolved into unified threat management and once again to next generation firewalls. As the first line of defense to internal networks and resources, having the best-of-breed perimeter security is fundamental. Sactech has partnered with first-class next generation firewall companies to find the right solution for your IT environment.

Case Study:Sactech assisted one client who had a need to segregate their internal network due to engineering requirements that lead to constant virus outbreaks. Architecting a solution using Fortinet firewalls, Sactech was able to eliminate the nearly day-to-day outages and solve the client's problem.

Endpoint Security and Encryption

Malware and viruses are more than nuisances, they can lead to critical data leaks as well as lost productivity. And everyone is familiar with the story about the employee who lost their unencrypted laptop containing sensitive customer data thereby costing millions of dollars in damages to the employer. Sactech has partnered with Sophos to provide a solution to all of these issues. Sophos offers the best when it comes to endpoint security and even allows clients the ability to manage their endpoint security from the cloud.

Case Study:One client came to Sactech complaining of performance issues that their users were experiencing due to a legacy endpoint security product. By migrating our client's endpoint security to Sophos they experienced a dramatic increase in system performance for their development and engineering systems.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is a critical function that has also been one of the most difficult programs to implement. The most difficult part of any disaster recovery process is identifying applications and their dependencies and automating failover of critical systems. Sactech has partnered with Neverfail to help clients create, implement, and test their disaster recovery programs.

Case Study:A large enterprise with distributed locations had limited redundancy and no disaster recovery plan. Sactech did a full IT centric disaster recovery assessment identifying the most important business applications, data dependencies and then created the appropriate hot, cold and warm hybrid solutions along with a written plan that was easy to follow. The solution was implemented and exercised successfully with the appropriate business unit demonstrating the ability to work in the recovery location.