Sactech Secure CARE™ - Security Operation Center

Do you need Security Operation Center (SOC) services to detect potential security incidents when they bypass your firewall boundary and infiltrate your servers? Are you prepared with the proper operational process, oversight capability, and resources to do this effectively? Sactech offers a Security Operation Center service to help your network- security engineers detect common security incidents on key components of your server environment by looking at subscribed firewall and server events. Your security engineers will receive actionable notifications with options to escalate incidents back to the Sactech SOC for further remdiation. SOC engineers are also on call around the clock to assist in analysis so your engineers can take proper action to make changes on your network and deal with the incident. When coupled with the optional Sactech Security Compliance Maintenance Service, .

Service Features

•  Notification Collection

•  Event Correlation

•  Cyber Threat Detection

•  Expert Threat Analysis

•  Remediation Guidance

•  Secure Complete CARE™ Capable

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Sactech Secure CARE™ - Security Assurance Training

Security Assurance Training for your compute users provides an essential frontline defense and is quickly becoming a compliance requirement for businesses operating and doing businesses within many states implementing privacy laws. Designed with a comprehensive set of training media, phish testing templates, and other value added security-testing tools in a comprehensive Learning Management System so you can keep track of employee progress as they learn to be more security aware.

Service Features

•  End-User Cyber Assurance Training to Improve User Behavior

•  Active Directory Integration

•  Phish and Vish Simulation

•  SCORM 2004 & 1.2 Capable Learning Management System (LMS)

•  Social Engineering USB Drop Options

•  Secure Complete CARE™ Capable

To request a quote, please contact us at 866.683.8827 or click here.