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Elite CARE™

Information technology professionals are being asked to provide improved visibility and oversight for risk management, security compliance, and continuity. Some have regulatory compliance demands that involve audits after an incident. If in the process of an investigation or audit the findings show they lack proper visibility into network health or security countermeasures such as antivirus status or patch status, the organization may be faced with fines or business restrictions that impact their business.

Moroever, your engineers still have challenges maintaining operational oversight, such as the finite time to track assets or the need to provide detailed snapshots of the network for colleagues or contractors covering for them when they are absent from the workplace. Additionally, businesses often face staff transitions and a requirement to extend visibility and reports to external organizations or auditors wanting artifacts that show their security acumen or network architecture.

For these customers, we offer our Elite Care™ solution.

For a fixed monthly fee, we'll provide your in-house engineers a targeted oversight system and service visibility suite so you can automate the mundane tasks of providing security visibility and asset tracking of your systems and networks. With detailed asset and compliance reports showing compute posture and malicious host incidents, this proactive approach to operational oversight and risk reduction improves your compliance all while preventing small problems from becoming big… and expensive!

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