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Secure Complete CARE™

Maybe someone in your office can detect security incidents while handling the daily demands of operating your technology environment… then again, maybe they are so busy with critical projects that they barely have time to document artifacts and review compliance in your architecture, check firewall logs, and review chatty events on infrastructure?

On top of that, they may also be responsible for addending your information security policy, remediating risk, and conducting monthly incident reviews that can be used to minimize risk and maintain compliance.

Introducing Secure Complete CARE™. Our maintenance services for security compliance are designed to overcome the oversight and visibility challenges of information security risk management and compliance so you can focus on conducting business, improving application function, and realize hybrid-cloud initiatives. Talk to your risk manager or compliance officer about these challenges and give us a call.

To request a quote, please contact us at 866.683.8827 or click here.

Network Complete CARE™

Tell me truthfully, does your punch list of projects have a "Network Oversight" or "CMDB" punch list that keeps getting moved down the priority stack? You are accountable and know you have to get it done to be compliant but the work required to install tools that do it all, set up a visibility plan, and find someone who knows your network that can back you up when you need it seems unacehievable.

Introducing Network Complete CARE™. Our maintenance services for network support are designed to help network engineers provide full visibility, analytics, and backup for their network without the complications of deep configurations of maps and CMDB backup struggles.

To request a quote, please contact us at 866.683.8827 or click here.