The Carrier-Class Network

Enterprises have spent years building networks around the internal applications that drive their businesses. Today, that model is undergoing an evolutionary shift towards the delivery of applications via the Internet. This shift has occurred at such an exponential pace that the traditional network architecture needs to be rebuilt. Older architectures now threaten to leave some organizations behind if they do not quickly embrace this new generation of network technologies.

At the epicenter of this shift to an Internet Delivered Enterprise resides the network boundary linking Internet delivered applications and critical business-partner connections to traditional core network architecture. Littered with a labyrinth of routes, turns, tunnels, holes, and bypasses once necessary for many resources now being moving offsite, the Enterprise is confronted with a daunting reality: the network must have a boundary that is carrier-class with a core architecture that is scalable, secure, simple and fast.... Enter Sactech.

It all starts an Assessment…

Network Assessment Engagement

•  Probe Based Network Discovery

•  End Point Visibility Analysis

•  Architectural Design

•  Routing Core, Distribution, & Access Review

•  End Of Life Inventory

•  Network Remediation Hot List

Case Study:A Sactech client with HIPAA and 24x7x365 operational requirements had originally hired another consultant to design, procure, and implement their new network. After nearly one year of failed deployment attempts, Sactech was engaged as a last-ditch effort to save the project. Within sixty days, the new network was redesigned, deployed, and production ready with minimal impact to operations throughout the migration period.


Partner Solutions

SWITCHING & ROUTING CASE STUDY:One prominent Fortune 500 Sactech client was having multiple network outages due to large volumes of video traffic and legacy architectural issues. Sactech successfully upgraded the client's network using Juniper Networks EX switches, MX routers, and SRX routers to increase network uptime from 97% to 99.999%.

NETWORK DMZ CASE STUDY:A major pharmacy operation's fill and adjudication process required third party integrations with McKesson Corporation at their private MPLS network boundary. Many resources and applications supporting this process were distributed behind network tunnels across multiple virtual local area networks. Changes were complicated and would result in outages that impacted revenue. Sactech was selected to map applications and services from in-house and 3rd-party vendors supporting the pharmacy operation and rebuild the network.

IOT CASE STUDY:A well-known Sactech client who operates distribution centers on the west coast was receiving notices from vendors and partners migrating to IoT connected devices in their stores and distribution centers. Sactech architecture teams designed a new boundary zone and store-network design that connected their vendors and partners securely with comprehensive visibility into all new 3rd-party IoT devices.