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Challenges of a Next Generation Network

Enterprises have spent years building networks around the internal applications that drive their businesses. Today, that model is undergoing an evolutionary shift towards the delivery of applications via the Internet. This shift has occurred at such an exponential pace that the traditional network architecture needs to be rebuilt. Older architectures now threaten to leave some organizations behind if they do not quickly embrace this new generation of network technologies.

At the epicenter of this shift to an Internet Delivered Enterprise resides the network boundary connecting Internet delivered applications and critical business-partner connections to your traditional core network architecture. Littered with a labrynth of routes, turns, tunnels, holes, and bypasses once necessary for many resources you are now moving offsite, you are confronted with the daunting reality that your network must have a boundary that is carrier-class with a core architecture that is scalable, secure, simple and fast.... Enter Sactech.

Network Infrastructure

Networks are evolving, bandwidth is growing, streaming and video is stressing the network, businesses are expanding or moving, and data centers are requiring more network capacity for Internet based applications. Legacy networks and architectures are prone to outages and security holes. Sactech has provided turnkey network solutions that have solved these problems for many clients through best of breed partnerships and engineers with extensive experience buiilding carrier-class networks.

Case Study:One prominent Fortune 500 Sactech client was having multiple network outages due to large volumes of video traffic and legacy architecture outages. Sactech successfully upgraded the client's network using Juniper Networks EX switches, MX routers, and SRX routers increasing network uptime from 97% to 99.999%.

Software Defined Networking (SDN)

Are you ready for SDN? Does your current network equipment support OpenFlow? Do you want to save bandwidth costs by dynamically routing traffic through your network? Your servers are now virtualized, but can you virtualize your data center network? Do you want to upgrade your network without ever taking it down? Do you want to eliminate single points of failure in your network? Software Defined Networking can accomplish all of these things. SDN separates the control plane from the data plane and uses APIs that work with the OpenFlow protocol to dramatically expand your networking capability. Sactech can help design your SDN strategy and work with our partners to provide value to your company by future-proofing your network.

Network Boundary

There are many options in the market for firewalls, network switches, and WAN optimization solutions today. Most were designed with a traditional DMZ strategy that is difficult to manage, plagued with hidden networks, or have design flaws attributed to last minute workarounds created from sprints to the project finish line. Sactech has helped clients rebuild their network boundary architecture and add visibility, control, and operational solutions that compliment existing firewalls.

Case Study:A major pharmacy operation's fill and adjudication process required third party integrations with Mckesson Corporation at their private MPLS network boundary. Many resources and applications supporting this process were distributed behind network tunnels across multiple virtual local area networks. Changes were complicated and would result in outages that impacted revenue. Sactech was selected to map applications and services from inhouse and 3rd-party vendors supporting the pharamcy operation and rebuild the network.

Internet of Things (IoT) & IPv6

There are billions of internet-connected “things” entering the enterprise. This includes freezers being monitored remotely for temperature control to online building sensors scheduling their own maintenance at the first sign of trouble. Each new device creates new vulnerability points and network integration challenges that must be dealt with. The large volume of internet “things” entering the enterprise coupled with mobility demand has exhausted the “old” range of IPv4 addresses. Transitioning to IPv6 expands and secures enterprise Internet boundaries and enables new and innovative services to be developed alongside the future Internet. Sactech specializes in boundary and “IoT” architecture design, security, and networks.

Case Study:A well-known Sactech client who operates a distribution centers on the west coast were receiving notices from vendors and partners migrating to IoT connected devices in their stores and distribution centers. Sactech architecture teams designed a new boundary zone and store network design that connected their vendors and partners securely with comprehensive visibility into all new 3rd party IoT devices.