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WIFI Security In an Internet Delivered World

We are living in an Internet delivered world and wireless WIFI mobility means a heck of a lot more than just the remote worker. Internet connected devices and things are now blasting data through the airwaves and wires with thanks to advances in wireless innovation and spectrum.

Sactech's deep experience in key industries that struggle with anything computing on wheels make us a solid choice and visionary of mobility logistics in Wifi planning and strategy for your next layout. With so many challenges facing your mobility plan, you need a company that offers a visibility platform and solutions that will connect, control, and secure your mobile world with your valuable clients, applications, and data.

It all starts with a Wireless Assessment Engagement...

Wireless Assessment Engagement

•  RF Passive, Active, & Predictive Virtual Surveys

•  Heat Maps & Architectural Layouts

•  War Driving and Wifi on a Stick Penetration Tests

•  Wireless Access Control Plan

•  Industry API, Sensory, & LoWPAN

•  Mobility Innovation Analysis

Case Study: A manufacturer struggling to provide wireless applications to a large operational plant with heavy equipment and oversized handling cranes needed to develop a plan for new mobility applications around safety and operations. Sactech helped them by conducting a comprehensive wireless assessment to review their wireless architecture, yard layout, and smart building greefields to helop them build a wireless canopy and research areas of sensory technology in their manufacturing process. As the new wireless architecture was deployed business users and yard operations were able to connect seamlessly and securely to their critical technology applications allowing them to increase operational efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs.


Partner Solutions

Cloud Case Study:One of Sactech's clients had a handful of sales teams who were having trouble securely connecting while traveling with their existing VPN software. Moreover, hotel and public wifi connections were sometimes restricted with bandwidth limits slowing productivity. Worse yet, one of the computers had been plugged into a USB charging station that was compromised with viruses; when the compromised computer reconnected to the corporate network, the virus spread and brought down portions of the network. Sactech installed an SSL VPN technology with host checking technology and WAN optimization software that would allow the sales teams to connect easily even when shared wifi connection speeds and quality were poor. Moreover, computers with viruses that try to connect are now scanned and blocked from getting access prior to propogating nasty viruses arcross critical corporate network resources.

Network Access Control Case Study:A county in California wanted to have visibiility, control, and health checks for wireless and wired devices as devices and remote users connected to their network. Sactech rolled out an access control and SSL VPN solution with multi-factor authentication along with a written acceptable use policy for their Human Resource handbooks. The solution was implemented saving them time and money supporting remote users while preventing malicious devices and compromised workstations from connecting to their network.

Mobile Device Management Case Study: Mobile devices are notoriously problematic for businesses to track, manage, and control. One Sactech client was experiencing that problem and also needed a way to wipe out data remotely when a mobile phone was lost or stolen. Sactech deployed a centralized management platform designed for Android, iPhone, and Windows Mobile that allowed our client to encrypt, manage, and wipe client-owned devices that required it.