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Challenges of an Internet Delivered World

Cloud and IOT Mobility are two of today's hottest topics in our Internet Deliverd World. The difficulty is finding a competent vendor that can truly deliver mobility solutions with business outcomes that go beyond access by supplying the powerful tools executives need to enable their business strategies. Cloud services allow clients the ability to dramatically reduce their infrastructure and increase availability and scalability. Mobility provides an always connected set of users and things allowing business to be strategic players by reducing overall costs while increasing the value provided to the business. Wireless and cloud are here to stay. However, without the proper solutions and strategy, things can quickly get out of hand. Sactech has partnered with the industry leaders in wireless and mobility services to make a transition to an Internet Delivered World easy for our clients.


A wireless network is more than just your most used access network, it is a valuable tool that can provide a great deal of interactive capabilities to the business. Wireless networks used to be considered a luxury, but with the proliferation of BYOD they have rapidly become the primary means of connection for a majority of devices. Wireless is also quickly becoming one of the most important marketing tools in IT. Mobile apps allowing companies to utilize interact with onsite customers, understanding client traffic patterns, and the ability to connect nearby clients directly to social media are just a few of the new capabilities available to CMOs. Hands down, Sactech has some of the best wireless engineers in the business. We can work with you to identify wireless issues, architect deployments for proper placement of access points, and help you with your overall wireless marketing strategy.

Internet of Things

The age of Industrial Internets have arrrived. Internet connected things such as refrigerator control, building management, and sensory networks are being installed on the networks of many businesses with regulatory compliance demands. Understanding how to segment, secure, and manage these networks requires a new kind of wireless network that can securely connect to devices and properly inspect their traffic for malicious content. Simply put, Sactech helps clients secure their Internet of Things investments that are connected to their wireless network all while making it simple to manage and control.

Cloud and Managed Services

Cloud hosted services and applications are likely to become the new standard in IT. Cloud services have transformed day-to-day IT operations and have made providing services to businesses more affordable and scalable. As IT began transitioning to the cloud, Sactech established partnerships with the best cloud providers in the world including Amazon, Google and Microsoft. Migrating IT environments to the cloud requires thorough planning, orchestration and migration services. In addition to cloud migration expertise, Sactech has Microsoft O365 experts to help clients manage cloud-based Exchange environments

Mobile Device Management

Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even gaming systems that are connected to your networks have the ability to access and store confidential information. The biggest issue with BYOD is that the owner of the network does not own the devices that are connecting to the IT environment. Sactech can help with your BYOD and mobile device management strategy to ensure that confidential information can easily be erased even if you are not the device owner.